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Tutti Frutti – Colombian Fruit

I love food and everything related to it. I start my tour at the Minorista market in Medellin.

From El Poblado I take the subway to the station Hospital and then I took the subway plus bus to Minorista, where the tour starts. I get explainations about all fruits that I also taste. I see fruits that I never have seen before. I get a plastic glove and a spoon. There are very few tourists, which makes ​​it all that much more pleasant. The sellers are super friendly.

Let's start with Chontaduro. This fruit should be boiled for some time before it is eaten. They say this is the natural viagra! Hmmm ... You can eat it pure, but it is more delicious with honey and salt! Definitely worth trying.

The most surprising for me was  fruit, also called Pecueca. Literally translated: stinking toe! 

The fruit is super hard and should be skipped open with a hammer! Indeed, it smells a little bit like stinky feet and tastes a bit weird. It is mainly used in powder, and is added in fruit juices. Not really my favorite!

Then there are also my favorites: the family of the Passion Fruit. They are called passionf ruits because they are reminiscent of the passion del Christo (the agony of Christ). If you eat them, you see that inside the fruit there are spines who are reminiscent of the crown of thorns of Jesus.

My absolute favorite is the Granadilla. Colombians put in the lunchboxes of their the kids because it is so easy to eat. Different than the passion fruit that we know in Europe, you can just open this fruit with your nails and then sucked the material out. No spoon is needed! A tip: put the granadilla in the freezer before you start your daily run and you will have a very refreshing snack after your effort! Something I will definitely try!

The smallest passion fruit (Curuba) I personally did not like it too much. The passion fruit, I know from Brasil, the Maracuja is also delicious. But because this fruit is a little acidic, it suits better in a fresh juice or a Caipirinha! It also has a relaxing effect. Good for people who find it difficult to sleep.

A kind of fruit that we do not know in Europe and is quite tasty, is the Tree Tomato (Tomate de Arbol). These tomatoes are sweet and delicious as a juice! Here they are also one of the cheapest fruits and very popular at the locals. 

Mmmm ... Aguacate I can eat every day! Pure or as a Guacamole! Much cheaper than in Europe and so much better! 

Go yourself to the market, buy some and taste it yourself. Highly recommended!

Buen Provecho!


1. Read and learn about Colombian Food & Fruit here.

2. Lulo is very good for nails and hair!

3. Tomate the arbol is good for migraines and to keep high blood pressure and colesterol under control!

4. Minorista is not dangerous, but still keep an eye on your stuff! You're in the center of Medellin!

5. Next to the fruit market, there is a second-hand antique market and also an animal market! Animal lovers who are very sensitive best not go there!

6. You can enjoy lunch and delicious fresh fruit juices on the fruit market itself!

7. Another option for fruit market: Mayorista! Get off at metro stop Ayurá

8. Do this tour with Real City Tours in Medellin.

For fresh fruits and vegetables, best to go on Tuesday and Wednesday morning before 10am!

Here you can find information about How to get to Medellín.

Written by Colombia Fácil Researcher Magali - 2014