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Palomino, a still unknown tourist destination in Colombia

The P from Playa, the A from Aventura and the L from Layback!

This time, I felt like a beach-trip and wanted to chill out. I took a bus in Santa Marta into the direction of Riohacha and jumped out at Palomino, which is a small village at the coast of the Guajira department. In Palomino, I found an endless, white and mostly empty coastline.


The color of the sea was in some places turquoise like a Caribbean Coast has to be. The initial area of the sea was rather a little browner because of the clouds who were hanging above this frontline and the strong current that dragged the sand from the bottom. I was a bit unlucky with the wind because there were no waves present when I wanted to go surfing.


I didn’t need to worry because I found other interesting things to do ... I went to the waterfalls of Quebrada Valencia, 

a natural water park with various pools and stunning waterfalls in a rocky environment. The walk (45 minutes) to the waterfalls itself was already very nice. I stood under the biggest tree ever (see photo) and drank a coca tea with the locals. It tasted good, but did it give me more energy? I don’t think so. I traveled from Palomino (km 73) with the bus 30 minutes further back to the direction of Santa Marta and got out at km 48. The entrance to the Quebrada Valencia was on the right hand side and the ticket cost 3.000 cop per person.

The next day my hostel organized a tubing activity (15.000 cop per person). The locals came to pick us (me & my friends) up in our hostel and an inflatable tire (donut) was given to us to carry on the motorbike. We were dropped off in the pure nature, about 30 minutes from our hostel, where we went by foot towards the river where our donut adventure would begin. I saw many butterflies, indigenous people and went little by little deeper into those beautiful mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Arriving at the river, I jumped on my donut and took off towards the sea (about 1,5 hours to the beach). The river was very calm and not deep; really chill and in a unique setting! Because we were really quiet on our donut, it was ideal to observe different birds! SUPER! And then those green mountains that close to the beach: spectacular! Once arrived on the beach we could go back to our hostel by foot (10 minutes).

In the evening I went for some dancing adventure in the local disco in the heart of Palomino with some other tourists ... Everyone knew everyone here, it was a nice typical Colombian evening and I upgrooved my salsa moves.

A campfire on the beach under a delicious sky; good food; surrounded by thousands of banana fields along the road; volleyball on the beach; sea kayaking; surfing; near Tayrona; closeby an indigenous village; not far from the natural park with flamingos in Camarones (Riohacha direction) ... etc. .. there is much to do in Palomino!

I had a super fun weekend!

Santa Marta - Palomino = 2hrs, 8.000-12.000pp.

1. Tubing: Ideal for young and old ... The water was just up to my knee when I stood up and sometimes it was very shallow so my tube got stucked. But then I just walked a little in the river, which wasn’t a problem.

2. Put your camera in a waterproof bag.

3. I did the two hikes on my flip flops.

4. I got some sunburn on my feet ... don’t forget to put on some sunscreen!

5. Is your hostel on the beach side of Palomino: Don’t go home by foot alone during the night when you are coming back from the disco!

6. Be careful when you go swimming, the current can be very strong!

7. You are looking for a nice place to stay around here? Check out Palomino. 

8. @ The local disco: I orderded a beer and then realized that I was too drunk already? Well, it was not a problem to change my beer into a bottle of water. The lady of the house just put the crone back on the bottle. How easy-going was that!