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One country & two oceans: Diving in Colombia

With two different oceans, the Pacific and the Caribbean, the Orinoco and the Amazon Basin, numerous lakes and rivers, Colombia is a perfect destination for watersports! From the north to the south this fourth largest country in South America offers a wide range of water activities. (The largest country is Brazil, followed by Argentina and then Peru).

I went diving for the first time in Colombia on the island of San Andres (only one hour by plane from Barranquilla) and was amazed by the bright color of this azul blue paradise, the Caribbean Sea. Photos that I previously looked up on the internet absolutely did not lie about the authenticity of this extremely luminous island. Incredibly beautiful, clear water and especially the warm temperatures made it very comfortable and enjoyable diving.

I jumped from the shore into the water and even swam to the divingspot without a wetsuit. Right away I felt at home in this real-life aquarium and quickly imagined myself in the movie Finding Nemo. I discovered for the first time a ship wreck and spoke with my guide underwater somewhere in a bubble hole. Suddenly during my dive I met funny underwater creatures; it soon became clear that tourists had a crystal ball on their head so they could breath and by adding weight just could walk on the bottom. Ideal for people with fear of diving. I saw lobster, moray eels, snapper, trigger, parrotfish and lots of beautiful fish I even don't know the name of …

A second time I went diving in the Pacific Ocean: in Nuquí. On the way to my first dive spot whales came suddenly to the surface to gasp some air. It was very impressive to see those big mammals swimming around me, which was still slightly different from the dolphins I saw from the beach in the morning. The sea was much rougher and I needed to swim with my head down and hold on to a stretched cable. Because the girl in front of me had ear problems and stayed on the same level, all of a sudden I swam first towards the bottom. Because of the strong current I needed to swim a little harder; it was a little scary at first because everything was so dark. From the moment I arrived on the ground, I saw what a splendor of light could be found here. Suddenly a turtle came swimming by: Super! It was a very different underwater world compared to San Andres, much rougher and less visibility but the beauty off the marine life was so much more extensive. Especially the surroundings on land with pristine empty beautiful sand beaches made the whole picture so unique.

On those two different diving destinations there were PADI diving centers availble who offered a very good service and equipment. Prices from 150.000 cop for a double dive. Diving in Colombia was for me a great experience, specially because I could compare both oceans. I cannot say which experience was the best because they were both great and so different! The advantage of diving at the pacific is that I combined my diving with adventure in the jungle and I liked the fact that I was isolated from the rest of the world.


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