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Mompos’ Cemetery: a place full of life and peace

“Aquí confina la vida con la eternidad” or what in English could be “Here lays life and eternity” is the suggestive phrase that frames the entrance of one of the most beautiful and macondian cemeteries you can visit in Colombia.

The Municipal Cemetery of Santa Cruz de Mompox is meeting place for locals, and a must do for tourists, mostly at dawn when the weather is fresher and the streets of town are a place to explore and share. 

This places is divided in two marked areas: a park on the front that welcomes visitors with iron chairs under the shadows of palms and other leafy trees, and the cemetery that is characterized by the whiteness of its graves, the presence of artificial colored flowers and the daily steps of the people from Mompox while they visit their deceased.  

And even if it sounds weird, visiting this place can take you hours. One of the most curious reasons for it, is the nearly omnipresence of black cats (and a few gray and white ones) that prowl between the graves and the park during the day. Another aspect, not as strange but still beautiful, is the presence of numerous birds, as hawks and woodpeckers that overfly the place untiringly releasing amazing sounds and singings. 

This is why all kinds of people come every day to visit this place to just hang out, socialize or marvel with the surroundings. Besides, there are also some people who seize the presence of tourists to earn some money by guiding them through the place and telling them funny stories about the dead. So if you´re around, I recommend you to ask the story of the cats… 

Unlike most cemeteries around the world, in the outside you won’t find people selling flowers or religious objects. The only commercial spots are the ones that sell jewelry in filigree (famous technical for working with silver) and some drinks and snacks.

It´s highly possible that you leave this place with a strange sensation of vitality, quietness and rest. A sensation that it’s also sense in the environment of this marvelous town that, maybe because it´s so far from the big cities (around 8 hours from Cartagena in a busy trip) and has a clime that is intolerable for some, it has maintain the friendly, familiar and peaceful spirit of its best times.

! Mompos = Mompox

Accommodation in Mompos
Mompos La Casa del Viajero

How to get there
If you’re in the south of the andean regions of Colombia, take a flight to Cartagena. From there take the bus to Mompox (Mompos).

Cartagena = 8hrs, 50pp. Santa Marta = 7hrs, 70pp. Valledupar = 6hrs, 50pp. Bogotá = 14hrs, 90pp (in El Banco take a 4x4 to Mompós, 30-35pp, 1,5hr). Flights to Corozal (15min from Sincelejo, from here to Mangague & ferry). Ferry (40min) Mangague-Bodega: Mon-Sat: 7am, 1pm, 4pm; Sun & holidays 8:30am, 2pm. Bodega-Magangue Mon-Sat: 7:50am, 1:50pm, 4:50pm; Sun & holidays 9:20am, 2:50pm. Taxi or motorbike from the ferry = 45min,12pp.

Author: Viájala