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Minca, a small village in Colombia that has big potential

Not long ago Minca was a pretty dangerous place because of guerrilla presence, but throughout the last years this region developed towards an ideal destination to relax and enjoy fantastic views & sunsets, the friendlyness of the local population, natural pools, numerous waterfalls, a sunny climate and ... 

Once I put my stuff at the hostel, I headed on to ’Pozo Azul’ (45 min by foot), a wonderful melting pot of water channels streaming down from the Sierra Nevada mountains. The water was clear but also very cold (good for cellulitis :). I jumped in and swam around, enjoyed the silence and inhaled the peaceful vibe. I was all alone with my friends and had a great time here.

Minca is a small village in the Sierra Nevada at 600m altitude that offers a large selection of activities such as rafting, horse riding or mountain biking down hill from ’Los Pinos’ which gave me a beautiful 360 degree view!

Tubing (= sitting on a plastic donut filled with air on a river), swimming, hiking and visiting a coffee plantation complete the large variety of things to do in the Sierra Nevada. Minca is also well known for birdwatching. There are over 260 species birds to admire like hummingbirds, the Golden-winged Sparrow, the Black-backed Antshrike, Keel-billed Toucans and Whooping Motmots. I saw some guys playing Tarzan, swinging on a rope ... Jane was missing, nevertheless I skipped that part.

At the entrance of Minca I bought myself for 5.000 cop a typical bouquet of wild flowers (which lasted up to 3 weeks)!

On my flip-flops I walked about 1 hour to the falls ’Marinka’, payed 3.000 cop and enjoyed playing and splashing around. On my way I saw numerous beautiful butterflies. In terms of sleeping facilities, there are many options. Besides posadas in the village, there are also more special features such as eco-habs, beautiful hidden fincas or hostels in the mountains where you can have a shower in all peace with a fantastic view.

The tranquility in this deeply green area with its present and softly bubbling bamboo, ’Guadua’ is it called, its unique flowers and loaded bio-divers eco system made me completely speechless. I had a wonderful time in Minca and I am going back for sure!

: Do not panic if you have many suitcases to carry uphill to a unique place deep in the Sierra Nevada: There are always some donkeys who can help you out.

2: There is no ATM in Minca so do not forget to take all those millions up the hill because you will want to stay longer than planned.

3: There are many social projects where you can lend a hand to the wheel: Contact ’Mision Gaia’: All financial aid or help is WELCOME!

4: Bring mosquitoe repellent. More you can find more tips about Mosquitos in Colombia.

5: Bring decent walking shoes for in rainy season.

6: For the less sporty types: Visit Los Pinos: Take a mototaxi further uphill  (8.000 cop) @ El Campano and save energy. The hiking time from El Campano is only 3 hours and a half.

7: In rain season, get up early and leave in the morning do to some activities. Rains starts at lunch time. When is it rain season?

8: Where to sleep in Minca? Here our recommendations! 

Santa Marta - Minca = collectivo-taxi from "La estacion de Minca" @ calle 11 # 12 en el mercado = 45min, 6.000 pp  - departs when there are 4 people. A private taxi = 25 - 40.000 depending on your bargaining skills and if the driver wants to do the trip! No buses run between Santa Marta & Minca.