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Close but far – Guasca Colombia

We, Felipe and me (Ruth), are traveling to the town Guasca, doing research for Colombia Fácil, where we will sleep in a hostel called Jardín Colibri. Guasca is a town very close to the Guatavita lake, 50km (31mi) northeast of Bogota.

We leave Bogota early. With our backpack and enough warm clothes we take the bus in cra 13 # 72-73. 

We arrive in 4 Esquinas in Guasca, the place where we had to be so Nicky, the owner of the hostel Jardin Colibri, could pick us up. We leave the normal road and move on in the direction of the mountains. What a fantastic view. We have big smiles on our faces.

After a small 10 minutes being gently bobbed (due to the hill-road), we arrive in the hostel. Mau, the husband of Nicky, was waiting for us already with tea and coffee. After a nice chat, they showed very proudly (obvious) their propierty.

It was cool to see how they are growing their own fruits and vegetables. There were chickens and we saw serres made out of empty plastic. What a great place, what a nice family, what a beautiful nature and what a catchy energy …. We are happy.

At 11:30am, we have an apointment at the parapente school. Nicky and Mau explain how to get there. There were 2 options:

1. The normal way, via an obvious and very easy to find path (uphill). The walk is like 40 minutes.


2. The more adventurous way where you can see more nature.

Without thinking too much of course we take option 2. We cross divergent vast fields and cute little rivers. We crawl over barbed wire; we search a road between the woods and we climb on rocks to get as far as we can. The higher we come, the nicer the view! We can see the Tominé reservoir and in the distance we see the village Guatavita. Everything is so green and peaceful. We don’t see other tourists. We greet locals and we feel temptation by the fact that we are coming closer.

Crazy, right … this beautiful nature only one hour from the big Colombias’ capital, Bogota. Taking BIG literal because it has almost the same amount of inhabitants as my home country Belgium.

After a 2 hours walk, we arrive at the paragliding school. A perfect dose of wind is needed and it also matters which direction it comes from, so we wait. The people from the school explain everything clearly. You start from the mountain (where the school is) and you arrive back at the same place. We fill in a checklist. The staff does not take risks so there are lots of questions to fill in but all necesary for our safety! Nature decides; the weather circumstances are too bad, so tomorrow we can give it another try because for now we call it a wrap.

When we arrive back in the hostel we eat rice with bio-veggies from their garden. Yummie. Nicky, the owner is from a village close to London and Mau, her husband, is from here. They are great people. They already live here for about 6 years. Their 2 kids Oliver and Ati, and dog Maraca have the time of their life in this green secret spot. Enough space to play!

They offer 2 seperate 2-stock cabañas (cabins), made of clay with a simple but rustic design. A third cabaña is coming soon. 

In every cabaña there is a fireplace to warm up and make it yourself very cousy.

In the evening we enjoy a fantastic fresh quiche with salade and a nice glas of wine (15.000 cop for the whole dinner).

We go the paragliding school another time because the weather is too bad. Apparently are October and November the worst months to fly because of the weather.

Somebody from the paragliding school takes us with to the town Sopo where we take the bus back to Bogota. The price of the bus to Bogota is 4.000 cop per person till the Portal del Norte.

We are going back for sure in December to give the flying another try. Thank you very much guys for this great experience. You were so welcoming and super friendly with only positive vibes!

We are not saying farwell but see you soon!


  1. Price bus Bogota – Guasca is 5.000 cop pp and takes a small hour.
  2. Duoflight with the paragliding school is 100.000 cop per person for half an hour.  
  3. Price of the cabaña is 100.000pp/n per cabaña. Max. 5pers.
  4. We eat delicious breakfast with a hot chocolate milk, fresh arepas, cheese, coffee, homemade bread for 10.000 cop each breakfast.
  5. The first day after coming back from the parapente school we loose our way. Nicky picks us up and Mau draw us a map for the next day. Thank you!!!
  6. Take warm clothes.
  7. Here you can read another travel story of this destination, written in 2012 by Inge Swinnen Guasca: Escape from the big city Bogotá – Colombia
  8. This place is perfect to go to with kids and perfect as weekend trip from Bogota!
  9. TIP: Parapente Paraiso: only ±50min of Bogotá you´ll find the place where likeminded people who love adventure & contact with nature, can enjoy a variety of activities like paragliding, paintball or bike tours. Here´s your excuse to escape the routine & discover the region. Fullfil one of mans dreams: FLY! Km 4 vía Pionono, Sopó. Close to Guasca., Cel: 312-490 95 93.

Written by Colombia Fácil Researcher Ruth - 2014