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A piece of paradise in northern Colombia

Time for some relaxation after a very intensive working period ... I live on the coast in the north of Colombia and only had time for a short break ... I looked at the map and a few islands not far from my home, made me curious.

From Cartagena I took a bus to San Onofre, followed by a motorbike taxi ride towards the Caribbean coast village of Rincon del Mar. I drank a soda and admired how the local (black) children practiced their dance tricks on the beach ... What a talent they had! And yup, from Rincon del Mar, the boat towards paradise! Meanwhile, the man who was responsible for the boat told me there are 10 islands in this archipelago called  ‘Parque Nacional Natural Corales de las Islas de San Bernardo’. Islands such as Boqueron, Palma, Panda, Mangle, Ceycen, Cabruna, Tintipán, Wonder, Múcura & the artificial island Santa Cruz del Islote. Some islands were inhabited, some small islands weren’t, only inhabited by numerous birds and pure nature.

I went to the island of Tintipán. White beaches, turquoise blue waters, palm trees, hammocks and only a few tourists! With a Coco-Loco in my hand ... I relaxed on the beach, God, what do you need more? The water had the same color as on the Colombian island San Andres.

Lodging near the white beach of Tintipán was possible, but my budget was a bit too small  (price = 100.000 cop / pp / night BUT really cool!). A house on the water or a private house right on the waterside connected by a kiosk were you could go snorkeling! The accommodation could be arranged with the local people who worked on the beach of Tintipan.

Check at this link -> Accommodation Islas de San Bernardo!

My guides Titi (local boy who grew up at Tintipan) and Segundo (which means ‘2nd’) took me on a boat trip (full day 100/boat). We went snorkeling (lots of seastars), visited the worlds densest populated island Islote * and played with the prettiest and happiest kids on earth. I ate some delicious decadent lobster on the beach and enjoyed a magical starry night!

*Islote: This island consists solely of houses and people surrounded by water. There is no beach and the church for example is a large open circle with a fence around it. People actually don’t have additional land. There are 1250 people living in this area of only 10.000 m². There is no electricity (on Tintipan only the private houses were using a plant) and water is supplied by the government .... Never ever this region faced problems with the guerrillas.


I enjoyed this little piece of paradise which was even close to my door!

Take with:
-> Mosquito repellent and / or mosquito net
-> A head torch
-> A blanket


Cartagena-Tolú = Bus 3hrs, 30pp. Minivan 2.5 hrs, 38-40pp.

Cartagena-San Onofre = Bus 2.5 hrs, 22pp.

Moto Taxi San Ofre-Rincón del Mar = 20min, 3-5pp.

Boat from Tolu = 50min; boat from Rincón del Mar = 1hr15 (boats are ± 100/boat (max 8 people). Negociate prices!