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Here you can download the Tayrona-Map (click on this link and scroll to the bottom of this page; here you will find a pdf link with the map!!)

The most famous & widely visited PNN in Colombia with stunningly beautiful beaches, cultural & historical treasures (archaeol. evidence of ancient human settlements until the 16th century) with indigenous groups who still live in these areas between the 2 ecosystems: the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (world's highest coastal range) & the Caribbean Sea.

Be aware: From January 28 till February 28 2017, NP Tayrona is closed for tourism. The request came from the indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in order to "recover" the environmental territory.
During high season (Semana Santa, December, ...) there is a maximum number of people that can enter the national park! If that number has been reached you can only enter with a reservation that has been paid already.

Hike across the beach, visit ruins, follow jungle paths or go swimming. From the El Zaíno park main entrance:
Cañaveral = Famous for its beautiful but very expensive eco-habs
Arrecifes = The next town reachable via the beach or on a path through the jungle.
La Piscina = Located between Arrecife & Cabo San Juan.
Cabo San Juan = From here you can start the hike to El Pueblito & end up at a gorgeous private & non-touristy beach, Playa Brava.

Fantastically beautiful idyllic white beaches surrounded by dry forest & tropical coral reefs. Try to spot the cotton-top tamarin (only found in Colombia), a cute little monkey with a funky white hairstyle. Most commonly found in trees but can be seen on the ground too.

Main entrance: students + kids 8pp, Colombians + residents 15pp, foreigners 39.5pp. From here to the place to start hiking: B = 5min, 3pp (B service till ±5pm). Entering with your own car = 11/car, parking = 8/night.


Don’t forget a blanket, toilet paper & repellent. Food is a little expensive. If you leave the park you have to pay again to re-enter. Surfboards are not allowed. @Students: bring your student ID & receive a discount. @ Time of writing: the government wants to buy all the land so information may change!

To enjoy the full Tayrona adventure: Go into the park through the main entrance at El Zaíno (= 1 hour from Santa Marta); sleep in different spots in the park like at Cañaveral, Arrecifes or Cabo de San Juan. Visit the El Pueblito. Hike from Cabo de San Juan to Playa Brava Teyumakke and at the end of your trip arrive at the road in Calabazo where you can take the bus on the highway (45 minutes to Santa Marta). In this way you only pay one time the entrance to the park. Other beautiful beaches like Playa Cristal, Chengue, Playa Blanca, ... you can reach by boat from Taganga or you go in at the entrance New Mexico (= 15 minutes from Santa Marta). Bahia Concha is accessible via road from Santa Marta. Read more here: Tayrona.

This is 1 of 3 national parks in the Colombian Caribbean with coral reefs on its territory. The other 2 being Old Providence McBean Lagoon & Rosario + San Bernardo.


@ The Santa Marta-Riohacha road sandwiched between the mountains & the sea. Take the B in Sta. Marta: @cll 11 # 11 Mercado (every 30min, 6:30am-6pm daily) = 1hr, ±6pp or take the B in Mamatoco. Palomino = 1hr, 5-7pp.

4 Options to enter the park:
Santa Marta ->
1. Bahía Concha (5pp, 5/car).
2. Nuevo Mexico (Neguanje beach) (15min, 25pp + car cost).
3. Calabazo (40min; 8am-3pm) walk to El Pueblito.
4. El Zaíno (main entrance, 1hr, 8am-4:30pm). You cannot go to Cabo San Juan & Arrecifes from Bahía Concha & Neguanje.