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Meta, Los Llanos


Enjoy your trip from Bogotá to The Gate of the Llanos via an interesting road full of bridges, tunnels & green surroundings. Due to its location, the foothills of the Andes, it is hot during the day! Its bad reputation from the past makes it an ideal secret spot & will surprise you more than you think! It has the biggest Rumba (@Los Capachos) in South America, real Colombian cowboys; activities like rafting, canyoning, ecological trails, delicious typical meat Mamona & pan de arroz. Puerto Lopez (nearby village) is the geographical center of Colombia.

Mirador Piedra del Amor
: where you have a nice view over the city & region. Nice @sundown. B (close to the hostel) to Villa Julia = 10min, 1.6pp. From here, jeep (@parking lot, diagonal from the gasoline station) to Buena Vista = 20min, 3.5pp. From here you need to walk like 20min. T from hostel = 15-20/tr.
Salt mines Upín @Restrepo - salt & cultural capital of Meta. For 10pp: learn about the salt process, do an ecological walk (1,5km) & end up in a saltwater therapeutic swimming pool where you can float like in the Dead Sea. 9am-5pm. (1/2hr walk to the top). @Villavicencio: in front of the churches, take the L street & follow. The word "salario" comes from "sal de minas" because the people were previously paid with 'sal', which they used to exchange for other things. Salt festival ±6-9Dec.

Biopark Los Ocarros: see different animals like tapirs, ocarros, anteaters, jaguars, leopards, monkeys, parrots. 9am-4pm, = 12pp.

Visit theme parks where you can see Llano customs & Colombian traditions or towns like Marsella where you can ride a buggy or do horseback riding, tubing, canopy, rappel… or visit Cañon del Guejar.

Caño Cristales, the most beautiful river in the world @PNN La Macarena. The river of 5 colors. Tours between June & the 1st week of Dec. Flights leave every day from Villavicencio, only 1x/week from Bogotá. Read more here Mochileros Hostel.

All the departments that make up the Orinoco region share the same rhythm: Joropo. The intl tournament = annual ultimate public holiday of June.

Mochileros Hostel 

Bogotá = 3,5hrs, 22pp (from the Central Terminal). Yopal = 4hrs. Puerto Carreño (border with Venezuela) = 12hrs.