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Huíla, Andean South

Tatacoa Desert

Travel through Huila’s most enigmatic landscapes & experience an encounter with the universe. This 370km2 (142mi²) desert landscape with its entrance via Villavieja, offers activities like astronomic observation at night & exploration of the desert during the day. The 3 most important parts are Cusco (ochre color), Los Hoyos (gray color) & La Venta. Try some goat´s milk which is good for combating viruses or goat meat which is typical in this region. Stand next to a huge Arepo cactus or see how easily the goats can swallow these prickly plants (respect them for that at least!).

IN the desert: Posada Noches de Saturno @ the 1st part of the desert, Cusco. Hammock 12pp, dorm 25-30pp, doble 50pr/n, camping 6pp excl. tent, 12pp incl. tent. Restaurant: breakfast 5-7.5, lunch 10-13, veggie 6, dinner 9. Swimming pool = 4pp. Moises Cleves, cel: 313-305 58 98.

Astronomic observation center: admire & learn about the fascinating sky during night watching. Starts @7pm (= 2hrs, daily). = 10pp. Walk from the posada, it only takes 10min.

Explore Pasaje Rojo @Cusco (5min walk from the hostel).

Horseback riding = 12/hr; to Los Hoyos = 4hrs, 50pp/t (excl guide). On foot = 2hrs (1 way). MotoT = 40pp/t (incl guide). Entrance pool = 4pp. Or rent a mountainbike = 5/hr. 

Medicinal tree: chase away the negative vibes by frittering small branches of the sassafras tree; it releases a wonderful aroma.

La Piscina de Lodo: natural pool + mud (5pp). From the center of Villavieja motoT = 25min, 20pp.

Villavieja = 15min, jeep 20/tr. La Rivera-Neiva = 30min, 20pp, motoT = 10pp. Neiva-Plata = 4hrs, 25pp. Plata-Tierradentro = 3,5hrs. Neiva-Villavieja = 1hr, 6pp. Neiva-Bogotá = 5hrs, 25-30pp.

-La Reina del Desierto = Rosalina Martínez de Clevez was the very 1st person to promote tourism in the desert & provide information to foreigners (1902-2012).
-Neiva = HOT!
-At Villavieja, visit the church, Capilla Santa Bárbara & the museum.
-Unusual for a desert but it is NOT cold at night in the Tatacoa Desert.