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Caño Cristales

Visit the most beautiful river in the world @PNN La Macarena. The river of 5 colors. Tours between June & the 1st week of December. You land in Macarena where you’ll find all the hotels & hostels. It’s best to find a guide at the information center in the airport (you cannot enter without a guide)! Guide = 100-130/D, when you are with 4 pers, then each 25-33pp/D (entrance incl). Read more here Mochileros Hostel.

How2getthere: From Villavicencio daily flights to Macarena = ±50min, 380-600pp (go & return). Enter the park: boat = 80/boat both ways (max 12pers). 4x4 Transport = 15pp.

TIP: On public holidays you can not enter without organized tour. Plan a min 3 D stay. Take a sun hat, waterproof shoes (because you walk often in the water), long sleeve shirt to protect from sun, bikini, mask & snorkel. Sunscreen isn't allowed (water pollution + damage to aquatic plants).

Why visiting Caño Cristales only between June and the beginning of December?
Caño Cristales, is just a normal river for most of the year but from June to early December, mosses and algae bloom. And because of this, beautiful colours occur! It has been called "the river of five colours", "the river that ran away from paradise" and "the most beautiful river in the world." 

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