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When should I travel to Colombia?

You can visit Colombia all year round like every period of the year has its own (dis)advantages. The country is on the equator so the annual temperature difference is minimal (average daily temperature 24 °C). Colombia has two seasons: wet (winter) and dry (summer). Most rain falls in the months of April and October. The driest months are December, January and February. However, the climate in Colombia also changes depending the altitude: from hot lowlands to cold snowy Andean peaks.

Colombians have their holidays between half of December and half January, Semana Santa (one week Eastern holiday) and other public holidays (a lot!). October and November are quiet months for tourism so it is very nice to travel around to the more touristic spots during this period. It is best to visit the beautiful river with its five colours, Caño Cristales (in Serranía de la Macarena, Meta province), between October and November because the river is at its best. Actually, you can't see it between December and June! Whale season on the Pacific Coast is between July and October.

  • Amazon: tropical climate, rainfall and humid all year round (23 °C). The Amazon river is at its lowest from August to October and at its highest between May and June.
  • Andes: rainy season between April - June and September - November. Dry season between December - March and July - August (18-24 °C).
  • Bogotá (2.600 m): rainy season between April - May and September - December (12-18 °C). In general Bogotanos always have an umbrella with them. 
  • Caribbean Coast: dry season is between December and March (27 °C) which is great because there is a lovely breeze.
  • East (Los Llanos): dry season between December and March (23 °C).
  • La Guajira Desert in the north: rain during the months of April, October and November (28 °C).
  • Pacific: tropical climate, rainfall and humid all year round (23 °C).

  • South: dry season is between June and July (17-19 °C).