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What do travellers think about Colombia

Some people fell in love with this country ... here some comments from travellers worldwide ... Do you like to leave your comment here too? Send an email to [email protected].

Last week I returned of my 7-week travel through Colombia. It was wonderful to travel through this country. So diverse landscapes, so many friendly and helpful people. The Colombians are also more cheerful than the Ecuadorians. - Hubert, a German who lives in Quito. 

Meanwhile back in Belgium I have a phenomenal adventure behind me in a fantastic country, Colombia! I'm very impressed and will definitely go back! - Tim from Belgium.

The warm-hearted people, the immense variety in nature, colonial towns... Colombia has stolen my  ♥ and gave me unforgettable experiences!
- Elina from Belgium

From the sandy beaches of the Caribbean coast to the peaks of the Andes,  from the lush jungle to rolling plantations of the Zona Cafetera, from ancient towns to metropolitan Bogotá: Colombia has many faces. For now only cruise ships anchor in Cartagena, elsewhere in the country tourism is just about to get started. There are still lots of discoveries to make. - Magazine WeekendKnack from Belgium.

What I find the most amazing thing in Colombia is that the country offers something for everyone. For young and old and for every type of traveller. I also think it is wonderful to be able to surf on the Caribbean coast with snow peaks on the background! And above all that planning a barbeque NEVER fells in the water because of the endless summer phenomenon! - Inge from Colombia Fácil, Belgium.

Colombians are so friendly and welcoming. I planned a 6 week trip and ended up staying for 10 months! It was the trip of a lifetime that involved trekking in the jungle, deep sea diving, Carnival madness, sunbathing on the Colombian Caribbean coast, learning salsa, understanding the culture, partying and chilling with the locals. Whether it was in a night club, chilled beach or at a lush waterfall, I enjoyed every minute. I made some friends for life. A worthy experience. - Paula from Ireland

A country where you can enjoy every facet of tourism still in a pristine natural beauty surrounded by the most hospitable people in the world. – Filip from Belgium

My first time in Colombia! The nature, the people, the sun, the vibes.....waauuuw... The only thing that i can say is..... I have to go back and see more!!!!!!!! SOON!!!!!!! - Ruth from Belgium.

The most pristine beaches in the world and the beautiful unknown places touched me the most... This country with the most variations and its unique fauna & flora made me stay longer than planned. The food was a bit disappointing but the warmth of the locals made it up immediately. I still haven't seen everything yet because there are so many things to do. I definitely need to go back! - Celine from France.

Colombia is a magnificent country to travel through. It's got a lot of variety to offer: mountains, adventure, fantastic beaches, great diving, interesting cities.... Getting around is very easy and straightforward and if necessary, there's always somebody around to help you out. The food is really delicious, from local dishes to international classics. You can almost eat anything, even salads and ice cream, without getting sick. And YES, this beautiful country is safe to travel. We never experienced any problems. - Joke & Roland from Belgium

* Colombia really is as they promote themselves: The risk is you´ll want to stay.
* Colombia in 5 words: amazing, safe, opportunity, authentic, adventure.
* Colombia: Sssst .... don´t tell anybody or the whole world wants to visit it.
* Colombia: in all its beauty and diversity as it is, not as they show it on TV news.
* Colombia is the past and the future at the same time, covered by a delicious Latin sauce!
* Colombia is every day discovering some new this rich country and culture offer you.
- Filip, a Belgian who lives in Colombia.  

Colombia ROCKS, beautiful nature, mountains, jungle and empty beaches, friendly people, excellent rum, dancing all night with beautiful women or just read a good book in the hammock: this is PARADISE!!! Go check it out! - Torsten from Belgium, Antwerp.

We travelled through Colombia in 2011, the nature and people are so lovely. Medellin was our favourite, lots of culture, great atmosphere and perfect climate! Amazing country, go go go! - Toon & Ina from Belgium.

Colombia is difficult to put into words, fantastic landscapes with contrasts sea / mountain / desert / jungle and combinations, wonderful people with an innate entrepreneurial spirit, beautiful women (although not my 'cup of tea'), land of many small villages and even towns who come straight from a movie set, mundane beaches at the Caribbean or Pacific coast or climbing snowy peaks, ... far too many reasons to mention ... so you need to come over to check them out yourself. You want to stick longer than planned? No problem: A company registering is organized in 24 hours, tax & VAT controling companies are not giving you a hard time and recruiting staff is here still outstanding! In short I would like to speak up for those people to start your own business so you can help this country to build up a future! - Greetings, Peter from Antwerp who lives in Antioquia / Colombia

8 Weeks Colombia mean 8 weeks of relaxation, fun and adventure. The beautiful landscapes, nice and friendly people and the awesome Caribbean Coast & Sea gave me impressions which I will never forget. I recommend everyone to spend more then 8 weeks in Colombia, because less is too short: Too many things to do! Next visit is coming soon.
 - Leo from Germany, Hamburg.
I travelled 14 days around the Caribbean Coast and loved it! Most of the time I stayed at Barú which is now my favourite place - I enjoyed the sun, the beach, the awesome crystal blue water and snorkeling at the corals. - Jule from Germany, Hamburg.

I travelled all over Latin America and Colombia is for sure the most interesting and divert country of them all. The people are very friendly and helpful and they are doing there best to improve the bad image Colombia unfortunately still has in Europe and the USA. - Georg from Berlin, Germany

I have wonderful memories of San Agustín. We went with friends on a long journey, first by plane to Cali, where we rented a small bus with a driver and drove to Popayan, where we stayed in a convent and then drove along the Magdalena valley. We have also been to the beautiful Puracé National Park, close to Popayan. We stayed there for several days and celebrated New Year's Eve in a cosy environment. We came back to the origin of the river Magdalena where the river was still very small. We were together with three other couples and a few children. But this was a long time ago, about 35 years ago. I can recommend Villa de Leyva, and then of course the Bogota Gold Museum and Zipaquirá, the salt cathedral. Then I know the coast of Cartagena until after Maicao very well and I love it! - A German who lives in Barranquilla since 1955 and is 85 years old.

Colombia, the world in one country - Juan from Barcelona, Spain

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