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What do travellers think about Colombia Fácil

I just wanted to let you know how valuable your website was for my trip in Colombia last month.  I discovered this through the Belgian NGO ‘Wegwijzer’ and was so happy to finally find some info to help the independent traveler to find some authentic and ecofriendly places to sty and visit. I gave a copy of your book to our local library and will certainly advise your site to anyone travelling to Colombia. Thank you for all the work you put in it! - Karleen from Belgium.

I have a plan to go to Colombia in the next months and I found your guide/page in internet. I must say that this is great (impresive work). 
- Michal.

I found this guide so useful last year when I was travelling in Colombia and have recommended it to all my friends who have been since - so thank you! - Ella.

Colombia Fácil, undoubtedly the best travel guide to Colombia. The indispensable travel guide. - Study Spanish Colombia in Colombia. 

Don't miss the last interview of the year 2013 at Overseas Radio Network with Inge Swinnen talking about the best guide i've ever seen, Colombia Fácil. - Jaider from Colombia. 

I loved your travel guide, it is very helpful, especially now that I want to travel more through Colombia. Malu from Colombia.

Muchas gracias to you Colombia Fácil, we just got 40% off our Santa Marta - Bogota bus by showing our guides!! - Hazel from the USA.

I just wanna congratulate you guys on your splendid work, I think Colombia Fácil is a very handful and nice written guidebook. I’m a Travel journalist myself, I work for a big online cityguide in the Netherlands. Last winter I travelled for the second time to mi país favorito and I used the Colombia Fácil guide a lot. I even brought 10 pieces of them back home, to introduce it to my friends! Keep up the good work! - Anneke from the Netherlands.

My Spanish is not that good. I really love the fact that the guide is in Spanish. With my guide I can show the taxi driver where I want to go! - Hilde from Germany.

I want you to know that Colombia Fácil is a very great initiative! - Mieke from Belgium.

Hola guys! Congrats on your fantastic guide. - Mathang from India.

Super concept! - Henry from Germany.

I am happy with the guideline in terms of prices. My Spanish is in fact not very good and therefore I know when they are using "Gringo"-prices or not. - Rob from USA.

Regards and again thanks for your tips and 'support'! Colombia (Fácil) rocks! - Tim from Belgium.

What a great book. I would like to be in the next edition!!!! - Chris who lives in Medellin.

Hey Guys, this guide is great!!!! It's such a big help for finding hostels and makes travelling way easier! Do you maybe know a similar guide for other countries in Southamerica? For Peru or Argentina or Brasil?? Thanks for your help :-) - Julia.

We also find your guide on the table in a restaurant in Salento. This guide is tested and we love it! - Torsten & Liesbeth from Belgium.

Hi, thanks a lot for your absolutely wonderful travel guide. I've already travelled with various other existing guides but yours is by far the best! And your pictures here always make me want to pack my backpack immediately... Salu2 :-) - Christine from Germany.