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Unique experiences in Colombia

Don`t miss the opportunity to visit a community untouched by tourism. Go of the beaten track, live like a local in a rural community of campesinos (farmers) and indigenas (indigenous). This is not a luxurious experience but one that will touch your heart, inspire you and stay with you forever.

Sierra Nevada, Magdalena
Be welcomed high in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta by a friendly community of farmers and indigenous.
Activities: be part of the process of creating an indigenous mochila, learn how to make cheese with local farmers or simply visit the indigenous Wiwa community.
Support the local community: stay and eat with locals, participate in a workshop given by a member of the community, this way they prosper from your stay. Also a percentage of your expenses will be saved in a seed capital for community projects.
Community projects: Seineken works in vulnerable communities with little opportunities. 

->Contact: email [email protected], Cel: 301 4310066, Cel: 313 6353198, Cel: 313 5662683 or visit facebook Seineken.
->Special notes: No ATM, no internet. In the community nobody speaks English however there are two people from Seineken present who speak basic English to help with translations. For prices contact Seineken; [email protected]. The perfect stay is two nights to have one complete day to know the community and surroundings. The community lives a 2 hour drive in 4x4/ 8 hour walk from Minca. Accommodation is provided in the family homes, take into account that they live very basic.

Carnival at Barranquilla
Join the parade! You can be part of a ‘Comparsa’ (dance/ costume-group): ‘Disfrázate Como Quieras’ (costume on Whatever You Want) or ‘La Puntica No Ma’ (For the real creative ones, every year they have a different theme) where you can participate in the parade. People dress up in a cool costume.

Contact? Send an email to [email protected] (they speak English too) and ask what the theme is for this year or check their Facebook page: La Puntica No Ma.

Formally describe what your costume will be: Materials, colours, images. Tell them about your concerns and/ or request advice (send a photo, a drawing, a picture of your idea or your inspiration). Important: IMPROVISATION is one of the vital elements of this collective performance! The essence is not the costume but the performance itself! For joining you have to pay.

Ruralive Colombia

Stay with a local rural family and participate in their productive activities, while enjoying the marvelous landscapes. Plus, your visit will help generate income to execute home improvements. Also you can take advantage of different activities offered like: horseback riding, hikes and rafting.
It is an incredible opportunity to get to know Colombia from within, with all of its people’s warmth and unrivaled landscapes (A social business of Grameen Caldas).
[email protected], Tel: 6-88 75 218, Cel: 311-30-94-420. Facebook:   


Tour Cafe Alban
San José Alban, Nariño
Support the locals and enjoy the pure experience of staying at a local and warm family who is producing coffee on an altitude of 1.800m (5905ft). Learn about the panela and coffee process; visit the Italian church La Hermita (=1hr from San José Alban); do activities like kayaking in cañon de Juanambú or go hiking in la reserva. 

Cel Edgar Ivan Pasaje (es): 314-63 23 765, Cel Max (en): 312-29 80 312,, [email protected].