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Travelling with children in Colombia

In Colombia, people attach much attention and consideration to their families. A common question is: 'And what about you, do you have children?'. On the streets you will sometimes see mothers walking around hand in hand with their adult son or daughter, which is considered a normal thing in South-America. Colombians frequently travel in the company of their whole family. In every hotel there are rooms with multiple beds and there are plenty of amusement- and water parks across the country. Travelling with children in Colombia? Absolutely no problem!


Volcános de Lodo
 (Mud Volcanos)
Colombia features different places where you can jump inside a muddy volcano. A surprise wait for you: you can't drown but it is very hard to swim! Laying at your back it's the best bed you ever felt! Get a facial, enjoy a scrub and a great view. Great fun for children and their parents!

Between Cartagena and Barranquilla there's the Totumo volcano but this one is very small and crowded. The best experience of Colombia Fácil? Arboletes, south of Cartagena. It's even for free...

A coco workshop
Follow a coco workshop with Alternative Travel Cartagena and make your own souvenir or many more!

Tubing in Palomino
Go tubing on the VERY calm and shallow waters of the Río Palomino. See monkeys, birds and other wildlife during your trip. Sit back, relax in your inner tube and drift down to the beach. There are more places to go tubing like also in San Cypriano.

Kayaking, rafting level 1, canopying, bird watching, snorkeling and espeleologia in Rio Claro
The river has been voted the most beautiful in Colombia surrounded by very green, lush hills, carved rocks, waterfalls and captivating rainforest! Activities such as kayaking, rafting level 1, canopying, bird watching, snorkeling and caving (explore the Cueva de los Guácharos). Tip: Don’t take your camera, don’t wear flip-flops and don’t forget your headlamp! You are going to get wet!

Hacienda Napoles
Though the entrance isn't for everybody to pay (from COP 39.000 but if you want the whole package you pay COP 75.000), the former main farm of drug tycoon Pablo Escobar is now open as a theme park. With water attractions and a small zoo... Escobar gave his children a kind of Noah's ark. It's situated near Rio Claro.

Hiking tour in Tayrona