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Support Colombia

Support the locals and practise eco-tourism!

1. Buy fruit and vegetables at the local market.
2. Use public transport. Take less planes and travel more by bus so you can include more stop-overs during your trip and enjoy the WHOLE country!
3. Why not: let your shoes be cleaned by a local.
4. Take a nice massage on the beach and relax ... Look for some shade might get hot and sticky.
5. Why not join cool activities with the locals.
6. Leave clothes and useful belongings you don't need anymore in a school for example...someone you may never meet will really appreciate the gesture.
7. You bought too many souvenirs, bags of coffee, hammocks or what so ever and your stuff doesn’t fit in your backpack anymore? Leave your stuff like clothes, pens, candy, … at schools.
8. Take a picture and get it printed out and give it to your hosts as a souvenir of your stay.
9. Take a mototaxi instead of walking on a lazy day.
10. Buy a fresh juice or a nice roasted sate on the street.
11. If you live in Colombia? Adopt a pet from the street or support street pets by taking them to the veterinarian so they can be sterilized...Support projects such as:

Support local projects: 

The kindergarten Where? San Martin de Amacayacu in the Colombian Amazon.
Heike Van Gils, a Dutch woman who is running a very nice hostel Casa Gregorio in the Amazon in Colombia started this project to help out the local community (her friends) in San Martin! The kindergarten is in a very bad state, and urgently needs renovation. Therefore this project, with which we aim to raise money for a new kindergarten! You can also make a donation!! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

Bank: Rabobank
Account number IBAN: NL28RABO0132726203
Account name: Stichting SMALL WORLD FOUNDATION
City: Baarle-Nassau, Netherlands

Stay with a local family
Tour Café Alban at San José Alban: Support the locals and enjoy the very special experience of staying with a warm and friendly local family who cultivate coffee at an altitude of 1800m (5905ft). Learn about the panela and coffee process; visit the Italian styled church‚ La Hermita (= 1hr from San José Alban); do activities like kayaking in Cañon de Juanambú or go hiking in the reserve. Cel. Edgar Ivan Pasaje (es): 314-63 23 765, Cel Max (uk): 312-29 80 312,, [email protected].

Check out more information here: Volunteering in Colombia.

HOGAR Foundation
The HOGAR Foundation was founded over 35 years ago by a small group of adoptive parents. During their adoption procedures they visited Colombia and saw the poverty amongst children. Not only was this the start of an official adoption agency, but also the beginning of a trustworthy network that offers financial support to a diversity of projects all over Colombia. After the adoptions have come to an end this network still exists, more than 35 years later, built only on volunteers.

Hogar means home. Too many children in Colombia miss a stable, safe environment. Home to them usually means a barn somewhere in the ghetto, with parents who work around the clock to earn just enough to eat one small thing a day. If they have parents at all… Children are the future, but that should also include these children. These boys and girls desperately want to escape poverty. They dream of going to school and to be able to reach social and financial growth through schooling.

The HOGAR Foundation supports 9 projects in Colombia. Most of these projects are schools, built and sponsored by the HOGAR Foundation. Good schools in brick buildings with clean sanitation, several classrooms and a safe environment. Every year the Foundations chairman visits each project personally - paid personally - to ensure one more year of educational materials, textbooks, pens en pencils, computer necessities and everything you can think of. Also: the promise of one hot meal a day! For many of these ghetto-children it’s the only meal they have. Once a day one meal…at school!

Every penny donated to the HOGAR Foundation is invested in these 9 projects. One of their volunteers, living in Colombia, visits each project several times a year to ensure that every donation is put to legal and proper use.

Their website is only in Dutch: