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Sports in Colombia

Like in every country you can find all type of sports in Colombia: Wrestling, boxing, roller skating, motorsports, chess, baseball, bowling, golf, tennis... with football and cycling being the most popular ones.

In Colombia, however, you can do so much more ... Outdoor sports like mountain biking, hiking, ice and rock climbing, canyoning, canopying, paragliding, diving, snorkeling, skating, horse riding, playing paintball, kite surfing, caving, fishing, bird watching, surfing, rafting.... Check on our homepage the different activities. 


Canopying = You have a harness tied on a rope and you fly like a bird between trees on an altitude of minimum 15 meters ( 49 feet). 

Torrentismo = Descend a waterfall by rope.

Rappeling (abseiling) = Going down on a rope on and between rocks or on a wall… This a dry activity compared to torrentismo.

Caving (spelunking) = Exploring caves.

Wave Surfing
In Colombia you find the best waves at the Pacific side (destinations like Nuqui and Bahia Solano). At the Caribbean coast you can also find good waves (destinations like Isla Fuerte, Los Naranjas (close to Tayrona), beaches between Palomino, Santa Marta and Puerto Colombia (close to Barranquilla).
For surfboards, see -> Jaguar Surfboards.

Kite Surfing
The most unique destination is Cabo de la Vela in the northern desert of Colombia La Guajira. Also destinations like Cartagena, Lago Calima (close to Cali and Buga) and Puerto Velero (close to Barranquilla) are great. Check out these places -> Kite Surfing Colombia.

A new trend: it is all about dancing for 45 minutes a variety of rhythms in order to burn calories and build muscles easily. It is also possible with slower rhythms like bachata or vallenato to relax the muscles and prevent contractures.

Ever heard when a goal is scored during a football match on TV? The longest ’Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal’ of the world?
The most famous Colombian football player is Carlos Valderrama, nicknamed El Pibe, known for his extremely funky curly blond afro hairstyle. In 1987 he was elected South American footballer of the year and was also mentioned by Pelé in the FIFA compiled list of the world´s 100 best players. During his career he played for the team of Junior in Barranquilla as well as for teams in Cali, Medellín, France, Spain and the United States. Carlos Valderrama is on the cover of  'ISS Pro '98'. You can also see his statue in front of the football stadiun in Santa Marta: Estadio Eduardo Santos, cra 18 # 18.
In 2014 Colombia reached for the first time at a world Championship the quarter finals and then lost from homeland Brazil. The saddest fact about the Colombian football team happened at the world Championship in 1994 in the USA. Andrés Escobar opened the score against the USA with an own goal. Colombia lost 1-2. Some days later Escobar (not THE...) was killed back home... 

En 2018 Colombia will take part of the World Championships in Russia! In the first round, the team has to play against Japan, Senegal and Poland.

You can do flying all-over Colombia! We flew in destinations like San Gil (over the Chicamocha Canyon), Jardín (Antioquia), San Felix (close to Medellin) and in Sopo (only one hour from Bogota). Check out this place -> Paragliding in Colombia!

Sports combined with gunpowder...  Tejo was already played over 500 years ago by the indigenous groups that lived in the regions of Cundinamarca and Boyacá. It became officially a national sport in Colombia in 2000. It is very much loved by the Colombians; maybe also because it is always a mixture of fun, music and lots of beer. Video on how to play: Video how to play Tejo. (this video is posted from Mantaraya Travel).

Anthony Bourdain from CCN tries a bar game that involves explosives in Colombia.

How does it work? It is played by throwing a metal plate or disc, named tejo, at a target so as to make it strike the mechas (folded paper triangles filled with gunpowder). If so, a small, harmless but loud explosion occurs. Each one of these hits awards different amounts of points depending on the rules of the game.

RANA (frog)      
Same story here: A nice game with a good excuse for fun, drinks and hanging out together.

How does it work? Throw a metal ring (sometimes a disc) into a variety of holes. Each hole is worth a determined number of points. You can score extra points when you manage to get the ring in the mouth of the frog. 

This is a typical sport in Nariño - the southern part of Colombia - and the northern part of Ecuador. It is a primitive way of playing tennis and was introduces by the Incas.

Colombia was represented by 148 athletes, participating in 16 sports. They won 3 x gold; 2 x silver; 3 x bronze.

Congratulations Colombia because these Olympics brought home more medals than ever before!!! See

Golden medal: 
Women's cycling BMX (f): Mariana Pajon (prolongation of 2012)
Athletics in triple jump (f): Caterine Ibargüen
Weight lifting - 62 kg (m): Óscar Figueroa

Silver medal:
Boxing lightweight weight (m): Yuberjen Martinez
Judo - 70 kg (f): Yuri Alvear

Bronze medal:
Boxing leigstweight (f): Ingrit Valencia
Weight lifting - 69 kg (m): Luis Javier Mosquera
Men’s cycling BMX: Carlos Ramirez