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Souvenirs Colombia

When you are full of Colombian vibes and return home you want to share all your adventures.

Here are a few tips for cool Colombian souvenirs

A Chinchorro is a hammock made ​​by the Wayuu Indians from the La Guajira department. You best buy one from a Wayuu family, directly in the desert. The average price is between COP 450.000 and 600.000 depending of the size.  

A Mochila Wayuu bag from La Guajira. You can find them all over in Riohacha, on the beach boulevard.

In Los Llanos they produce the most distinctive hammocks. These campechanas are made of cowhide (with or without hair) and carved in open diamonds. A problem: they weigh 10-20 kilos. 

Colombian coffee.

A bottle of Rum. Some examples of Colombian rum are: Puro Colombia, Ron de Medellín, Ron de Caldas...

Beautiful PET lamps made by the Guambianos who live in Silvia (between Cali and Popayan). Or check here the very unique handmade PET lamps from the Eperara-Siapidara people in Pacific north-west Colombia. Artesanías de Colombia, Almacén Calle 86 in Bogota. 

Sombrero Vueltiao 

A souvenir for yourself is Monopoly Colombia. How great is it to own the Caribbean paradise San Andres? Or to have a house in the beautiful picturesque Cartagena?

La Chamba cooking pots made out of clay can stand up to direct heat and retain heat beautifully. Color black. You can find them all-over Colombia. We paid like COP 35.000 for a nice La Champa pot, and bought it in Barranquilla.

Fine-looking hand-craft furniture from Barichara, Santander. Rocking chairs, lamps, chairs, vases, card holders, tables...

Caribbean coastal sweets (Cartagena, Bolívar) like cocadas

Natural products such as oil, soap, ...

Different cool stuff as shoes, clothes, jewelry, bikinis, bags ... at Buy and order online and let it ship to an address in Colombia.