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National Natural Parks in Colombia

Colombia is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of biological and cultural diversity. It's a country with numerous and very interesting national natural parks spread right across the country, 59 protected areas in total! The price of a ticket can vary. For example Tayrona is one of the most beautiful, famous and most expensive of the parks: in 2017 full price high season... 48.000 COP. For more prices:

Warning: Don't forget your student ID! You may get a huge discount!!!

Via this link you can find the map of National Parks + Heritage Villages in Colombia by Colombia Fácil. The download-maps are on the bottom of the page. Scroll! 

Take care: Because of considerable damage of tourism, National Park El Cucuy has been totally closed for a while. Since April 2017 it is partially open again but check the actual conditions if you want to visit this beautiful spot!

Here you can find more information: National Parks

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