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Mosquitoes in Colombia

Yes, there are lots of animals in Colombia. Unfortunately including... Mosquitoes. Put up your best defences, stop scratching and follow the Colombia Fácil TIPS!

  • In the jungle: Go to the outdoor toilet and pull your pants down around your knees WITHOUT any light on!
  • Always try to sleep with a mosquito net
  • A ventilator, air conditioning, citronella or vitamin B1 tablets (which you need to start taking one or two weeks before you go to an area with lots of mosquitoes) can help too. Don't forget to take one tablet a day because the vitamin B1 is quickly out of your blood. You can also choose for a vitamin B1 injection.
  • Cover your body with long sleeves, pants and socks and protect your clothes against mosquitoes by using a spray (it lasts for 4 weeks)! Buy a spray online here.
  • Colombia belongs to the few countries who are on the equator. All year long the sun goes down between 6 and 7pm and rises between 5:30 and 6 am. Be aware: chigoes and mosquitoes are super active at those times of the day.
  • In Colombia you can also get some good repellents like Nopikex and Menticol. Mix these two liquids and spray it on your body.

Use this -> Curarina (at Colombian health shop) or Euceta which sooths mosquito bites ánd sunburn! Ingredients like chamomile flowers helps swelling and skin irritations to disappear and gives a refreshing feeling, as does tea tree oilArnika is a plant that has been valued for centuries and speeds the disappearance of bruises, spots and swelling. You can also easily find Savila plant leaves and use its natural gel all over your sunburns.

You can put some VapoRub (Vick: camphor, menthol, eucalyptus) on your bites to cool them down. You can find it in any drugstore. Another local product is Caladryl which you can find in all supermarkets. Available in transparent or pink coloured cream.

Be aware that MALARIA, DENGUE, CHIKUNGUNYA and ZIKA are all diseases brought by mosquitoes!