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  • has one of the happiest populations: listed in third place in the HAPPY PLANET INDEX (after Costa Rica and Mexico).

  • has the most public holidays a year (±17).

  • has the friendliest people on earth. Sometimes Colombians even prefer to be polite rather than being honest and really tell what they think. Of course this is not for everyone!

  • is one of the richest countries in the world in biological and cultural diversity. The country has the highest number of species of plants and animals per unit area of any country in the world. Approximately 10% of all species and about 20% of all plant species in the world are in Colombia.

  • has over 130.000 classified herbariums including Victoria Amazonica, which is similar to a water lily and has huge leaves which are large and strong enough to support the weight of a child.

  • has 59 natural areas that belong to the National Natural Park System. Parques nationales naturales de Colombia

  • is the only country in South America with coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, all together more than 3.200km (2.000mi).

  • as a water rich country, offers lots of sea and river fish including the predacious piranha and the electric eel.

  • has the world's longest continental mountain range, the Andes. It runs vertically down through the whole country in 3 ranges:occidental or farallones, central and oriental. The Andes extend from north to south, through seven South American countries: Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

  • has 2 different deserts, La Guajira in the north and La Tatacoa in the mid-west.

  • has more than 1550 identified bird species (more than those of Europe and North America combined) what makes it the largest number of bird species worldwide, ranging from the huge Andean condor to the tiny hummingbird.

  • leads also in heliconia (exotic tropical plant).

  •  pronounces the Orchid Cattleya Trainee as national flower. There is no country in the world that has more different orchids (3500).
  • has the largest amount of amphibian species in the world.
  • is 'world's only home for the twin cottontop tamarins, know as the pincé tamarin: cute little monkeys with a funky white hairstyle. You can only find them in north-western Colombia by the Cauca and Magdalena rivers and near the Atlantic Coast. These monkeys are listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List. Try to spot some: they are most commonly found in trees but can be seen on the ground too. Don't support animal trafficking!

  • provides also shelter to the pygmy marmoset or dwarf monkey (in the south-east). The animal has a length between 14 and 16 cm and a weight between 120 and 140 g. The dwarf monkey is the smallest monkey in the world.
  •  is famous for its Paso Fino horses which are the national horse breed.

  • has 2 seasons: wet (winter) and dry season (summer). The Colombian winter is bi-modal: it has 2 raining seasons (March-May and September-November) What is the best time to travel to Colombia?
  • is the 29th largest country in the world by population (47 million).

  • has the second largest population of any Spanish speaking country in the world (after Mexico).

  • has 90% of the population enrolled as Roman Catholics. You will surely hear someone telling you 'Dios lo bendiga' (God bless you) as a 'Thank you' or 'Goodbye'!

  • is the 4th largest country (France and Spain together) in South-America following Brazil, Argentina and Peru.

  •  has the fourth largest economy in Latin America, after Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.
    • has the biggest production of emeralds in the world and also the largest one: La Gachala (858 carats, 172 g) was found here (Cundinamarca, 1967). The richest deposits are located at 161 km (100 miles) north of Bogotá in the department of Boyacá.

    • belongs to the main exporters of roses worldwide.

    • is the third coffee producer in the world (after Brazil and Vietnam) and the largest one of Arabica beans.

    • is also famous for its oil, bananas, nickel, gems, halite, natural gas and coal.....and unfortunately also cocaine (Pablo Escobar...)!

    • has Shakira as the most awarded Colombian artist in the world.
    • often uses the song Las Mañanitas from Pedro Infante to wake up a loved one and to celebrate a persons' birthday: 'Because today is your saint's day we're singing it for you
 ... Wake up, my sweet …. , wake up, look it is already dawn
. The birds are already singing and the moon has set... How lovely is the morning in which I come to greet you
...We all came with joy and pleasure to congratulate you
    • has a typical way of being funny. Learn more about Colombians and their humor with La Pelota de Letras from Andrés López. This famous Colombian stand up comedían made several episodes from it. Titles: Me pido la ventana, Frutica picada…. Video YouTube.
    • has a day full of LOVE: September 15. The most common thing on this DAY is to give candies and flowers to your loved ones. Of course shaped in the size of a ♥! Though every day is a day for love to a Colombian; hugs and kisses are almost the greeting rule and you're being called very quickly 'Mi reina' (my queen), mi corazon (my heart) or mi amor...
    • is THE home of the world’s most beautiful women.....

    • These beautiful women receive love and flowers from everyone at 'Women's Day': March 8. Unfortunately Colombia doesn't celebrate Men's day…
    • Colombian men are with an average size of 17,03 cm (6.7 inches) at the fourth place of longest penises worldwide., shows the male penis size from each country. People from South Korea have the shortest: 9.66cm (3.8 inches). Source:

    • has 17 heritage villages spread throughout the country. Definitely worth visiting!:

      1. Honda - Tolima
      2. Mompós - Bolivar
      3. Mongui - Cundinamarca
      4. La Playa de Belen - Norte de Santander
      5. Lorica - Cordoba
      6. Salamina - Caldas
      7. Santa Fe de Antioquia - Antioquia
      8. Villa de Leyva - Boyacá
      9. Girón - Santander
      10. Barichara - Santander
      11. Aguadas - Caldas
      12. Ciénega - Magdalena
      13. El Jardín - Antioquia
      14. Guaduas - Cundinamarca
      15. Buga - Valle del Cauca
      16. Jérico - Antioquia
      17. Soccoro - Santander
        -> Here a video about these beautiful villages!

      • Has at least 20 natural miracles:

        1. Caño Cristales, The River of 5 colors; Meta, Sierra de la Macarena
        2. Isla Providencia; Archipiélago de San Andrés y Providencia, near Nicaragua
        3. Raudal del Rio Jirijirimo; between the departments of Vaupés and Amazon
        4. Jungle of the Colombian Amazon; Amazonas
        5. Pulpito del Diablo Sierra Nevada del Cocuy; Boyáca - Andean North
        6. Salto de Tequendama; Cundinamarca - Andean North
        7. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; Caribbean coast
        8. Islas Rosario; Bolívar, Caribbean coast
        9. Isla Gorgona; Cauca – Pacific coast
        10. National Natural Park Sierra de Chiribiquete; between the departments of Caquetá and Guaviare, in the jurisdiction of the municipalities of San Vicente and Puerto Solano, Caquetá Department and San José del Guaviare.
        11. Paramo de Sumapaz; ‪Cundinamarca - Andean North
        12. National Park Utría; Chocó - Between Nuquí and Bahía Solano – Pacific coast
        13. Cerros de Mavacuvi; Amazonas
        14. El Peñol; Antioquia - Andean North
        15. National Park Los Estoraques; Norte de Santander - Cordillera Oriental - Andean North
        16. Cabo de la Vela; La Guajira - Caribbean coast
        17. Volcan Nevado del Huila; Caldas - Cordillera Central - close to Manizales - Andean North
        18. Parque Gallineral; Santander - San Gil - Andean North
        19. Isla Malpelo; Valle del Cauca - Pacific Coast
        20. National Park el Tuparro; ‪Vichada - close to Venezuelan border - Andean North