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Holy Week - Semana Santa

Pascua means Easter in Colombia

A week before the Easter weekend begins the Holy Week, the Semana Santa (2019: April 14-21). On the first Sunday, Domingo de Ramos, the Colombians go to church with palm leaves waving, because Jesus was also received on his arrival like this. On Thursday and Good Friday, people stay at home and do not eat meat. Easter Saturday and Sunday it's back to the church, there are various shows and other programs. Lent begins after the carnival and ends Friday before the Easter weekend. On this day - and even before - they celebrate El Rasguñao.  A feast with homemade sweets from coconut, mango, rice, papaya and other things.

On television all week run Jesus movies continuously, and on Good Friday the church celebration with the Pope is on television.

About 50 per cent of Colombians are so faithful that they join the whole church programs and the other half makes traditional domestic vacation. Throughout the week there are statutory holidays, but Easter Monday is no longer free. This means in Barranquilla Lunes de Pascuita.