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Drugs in Colombia

Cocaine and Colombia is a complex situation. To chew coca leaves daily is an integral part of the culture and rituals of the indigenous people. Even in the city women prepare coca tea to soften menstruation pain. On the other hand... Drug trade and addiction are a threat. ... It killed many people and also destroys large areas of nature through deforestation, the dumping of chemicals in waterways and desatrous consequences of aerial spraying for plants, animals, water, people...  

All over Colombia there are coca fields and there's drug trade... Don't ever interfere!

You can get in serious problems if the police finds out that you, as a tourist and foreigner, are carrying some marijuana, cocaine or other drugs! Just think about that: it will not be your lucky day ending up in jail in Colombia and besides that: don’t put your life at risk… Yes, Colombians are very nice people but drug trade...

SAY NO TO DRUGS! The're many nicer things here... 

-> Colombia coca cultivation and its numbers - Source Colombia Reports