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DISCOUNTS with the printed (3rd edition) version of Colombia Fácil. You cand find this printed version all over Colombia.

Bogota - La Peluqueria: have you already been traveling a long time and urgently need a new look? Or is it that you just like to visit a foreign hairdresser? Every Wednesday from 10am to 12am, you can participate in Lab Voluntaria. A project from La Peluqueria where you get a new haircut for FREE! Registration is required through their website. Cra 3 # 12d-83, La Candelaria.

Bogota - Molakana indigenous textile art: here you can find special indigenous textile art called Mola. When you present your physical CF guide, you get up to 10% off on purchases and detailed information about Gunadule indigenous people who create Molas., Cll 12 D # 1 - A 04, Barrio La Concordia in La Candelaria.

Cartagena - Art - Colorful Ideas by Malu Castro: if you’d like to take some of Colombia’s joy home with you, Malu Castro paints colorful pieces inspired by the natural beauty of Colombia. Her work on canvas and recycled driftwood reflects the colorful world around her – from native birds to vibrant sea life, and from sweltering jungles to the Guajira desert. Her art is affordable and with your copy of CF you will receive 10% off and a special gift. FB: colorfulideas.malucastro, Cel: 321-828 52 85.

Cartagena - Tierra Magna: do you want to learn about the true and magical stories of the city of Cartagena de Indias? Then you can't miss Tierra Magna® AUDIO TOURS! Get 30% off mentioning the promo code: Colombia Fácil. They have lots of culture and history in audio recordings in languages including EN, FR, DE, IT and ES. Make your reservation through [email protected], Cel: 301-383 87 81, Tel: 5-6551916, FB: tierramagnacartagena.

Cartagena - Kia San Lorenzo: visit their charming boutiques, loaded with cool things from faraway places. The San Lorenzo Ibiza by Luna May collection, on sale here, consists of beautiful hand made clothes, hand printed in Luna May’s designs. Many of the images are taken from nature, others are drawn. Everything is artisanally made in small quantities. Enjoy 10% off showing your CF guide. @Plaza Santo Domingo # 35-55. Tue-Sun 10am-9pm. + @Cll del Arzobispado # 34-70. Tue-Sun 9am-9pm.

Villa de Leyva - Ciclotrip Bike Tours and Rentals: live an unforgettable experience! Rent a bike or join a guided tour and receive a 5% off by presenting your CF guide. If your bike ride lasts more than 6 hrs you will also receive a MOUNTAIN AWARD. You can choose between an artisan ice cream, 1 cup of coffee or 1 BBC beer., Cel: 320-899 44 42, Cra 8 # 11-32.

Cali - Privateacherco: Join a Spanish class and practise with cultural exchanges like dancing salsa and possibilities in volunteering. Read more about this on the Cali page. Cel: 300-665 69 41, Bring your CF guide and get a FREE salsa class. Organize a group of 4 in their Spanish & Salsa Program and get 50% off! Publish a photo of you participating in one of their programs and activities in social networks and you will receive a map and 2 typical cocktails.

Salento - Aldea del Artesano: live an experience in the village of artisans of Salento. A place that welcomes you with ecological trails, gardens and workshops, an experience of sharing knowledge. Receive 10% off, or a souvenir of one of their crafts, by presenting your CF guide. Vereda Palestina, cel: 312-868 86 33.

Colombia - Castellano: are you looking for a beautiful handmade mochila (bag) or bracelet, handmade by the indigenous Wayuu & Arhuaca women? Support Colombian ethnic communities who seek to preserve their weaving skills & cultural heritage. Use the promotion code COLOMBIA10 and get 15% off. International shipping as well!

Barranquilla - Todomono: are you looking for a great Colombian souvenir? They offer creative designs and merchandise inspired by Colombia and the Caribbean. Get 10% off shirts by presenting your CF guide. You can buy from other Colombian cities with 15.000 COP extra per shipping., cll 76 # 53-54.

Filandia - El Café De Victoria: take a break in this cosy and beautiful traditionally decorated cafe. Enjoy an excellent cup of Colombian coffee and yummy desserts with fresh fruits from the region. Show your CF guide and get 15% off. @Cra 5 # 5-17, near the square.

My Unique Style presents an online webshop for women who love traveling, colourful accessories and travel gadgets. The webshop is fully filled with unique, handmade and colorful items from around the globe. The lovely Wayuu culture of Colombia was the inspiration to launch My Unique Style. Visit the colorful webshop of My Unique Style and get inspired! Receive 10% off with the code: colombiafacil! Happy shopping! Cel: +31 085 401 3486[email protected] FB:

Public transport: DISCOUNT at EXPRESO BRASILIA and EXPRESO BOLIVARIANO and CONTINENTAL BUS Get 5% (high season) & 15% (low season) discount on their bus tickets by showing your hard copy of the CF guide at their desk. Discounts cannot be combined with other promotions. Some buses have free WiFi and a personal TV-screen! Note: offer does not apply for regulated routes Bolivariano: Bogotá-Villavicencio - Bogotá, Bogotá-Llanos Orientales-Bogotá, Medellín-Bogotá-Medellín. Expreso Brasilia: Medellín-Bogotá-Medellín.

Some buses of those 2 suppliers have free WiFi and personal TV-screens with headphones on their buses: REAL LUXURY!