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Carnival Barranquilla

The Barranquilla Carnival - Whoever lives it, enjoys it!

=  recognized by UNESCO 
King Momo & The Queen of the Carnival are chosen every year by the organization.

When: 02-03 2019 -> 05-03.2019
Where: biggest parades are at Vía 40. 

Tickets: Buy tickets on the street, supermarket or online:

First day: the Batalla de Flores (Vía 40), a big parade with all the queens.
Second day: The Gran Parada de Tradición y Folclor (Vía 40), full of folklore groups, different dances and music.
Third day: The Gran Parada de Comparsas (Vía 40),full with beautiful costumes, great performances and a lot of variety!
Fourth day: You are probably dead meat but if you still have some energy left you can see the Festival de Danzas Especiales y de Relación (Plaza de la Paz) and La Muerte de Joselito (cra 54 # 59). On this day people represent the death of carnival with a character called Joselito Carnaval, who dies because of his excesses. His wife and many other women mourn his passing in a comic parade called La Muerte de Joselito while dancing Garabato. Funeral parades are held at a variety of locations; the most traditional of which takes place in the Abajo neighbourhood.

Pre-Parties: 8 days before the real carnival starts -> Carnaval de las Artes (4 days, price is different every day) @Teatro Amira de la Rosa (cra 55 # 53).
Friday before the weekend of carnival (every year at a different location): La Guacherna: lantern and candle lit dances and parades. Arrive early to the place where you want to see La Guacherna. Generally people prefer to settle in the streets where the parade begins because at the end dancers are more tired and walk. Another recommendation is to see the parade near the police for security reasons. At this night there is much disorder and as a result there are many robberies (La Guacherna is free which means everyone can go). The Portal del Prado is a good option because generally after the show there is party in the Barrio Abajo. Please arrive very early (between 4 and 5pm) and bring chairs if you go with children or older people.

1) Cll 70 # 44 (the starting point)
2) Cra 44 between calles 68 and 65
3) A little further down is a place called The Tiendecita
4) Cra 44 between calles 54 and 52, there exactly, the Guacherna turns LEFT towards the Plaza de la Paz and the Cathedral.
5) In front of the Cathedral and the Plaza de la Paz

Afterparty in Alianza Colombo Francesa Barranquilla

Parties called Viernes de ReinasRueda de Cumbia and La Noche de Tambó at El Barrio Abajo, Plaza de La Paz and estadio Romelio Martínez (cll 72 # 46).

COSTUMES: Cumbiamberos (cumbia dancers), Caimán (cayman), Congo, Torito (animal masks), Marimonda (clown), Monocuco (whole body covered by costume), Garabato, Letanías (sung verses), África Mía, Son de Negro (exaggerated grimaces), Negrita Puloy (black woman with red dress and white spots), Arlequines (Harlequins), María Moñito, Farotas (men dressed like women), Golero (birds), Gusano (worm), Tigre (tiger), Mico (monkey), Coyongo (bird), Pájaro (bird), Paloteo, Vendedora de alegría (saleswoman of a local delicacy) & Joselito (the funeral is the carnival’s last performance).


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