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Border crossing in Colombia

Here are some tips who may help you to cross boarders via road or by boat.

Colombia is connected with 5 neighbouring countries which are Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama, Brazil and Peru.

Ecuador and Colombia are easy connected via the Pan-American Highway. The common border towns are Ipiales (Colombia) and Tulcan (Ecuador). For more information:  Colombia – Ecuador. 

With Venezuela there are possibilities to cross the border from Maicao to Maracaibo and from Cúcuta to San Cristobal. Nevertheless, for the moment the situation in Venezuela is that bad and dangerous that we strongly reject to enter that - beautiful! - country or even be close to it. There are too many gangs operating there!

From Colombia, Brazil and Peru can only be reached by land over the Amazon River from Colombia's southpoint Leticia. Manaus in northern Brazil lies downstream while Iquitos in Peru is upstream accessible:  Colombia – Brazil and Colombia – Peru.

Concerning Panama there are two options: sailing from Cartagena or with a speedboat from Capurganá. In both alternatives you combine your trip with a visit to the paradise Islands of San Blas. At least, that's what we recommend! Colombia – Panama